The Motley Fool Interview – Part 3

Mobile Devices as Fashion Accessories

You put a PC underneath a desk, you don’t care that it’s loud and it’s hot and it’s a power hog and it’s heavy, and it’s an ugly beige cabinet with screws showing. You just want it to be $400 or $500.

On the contrary, you put a phone in your pocket, and you sleep on it or next to it, so you care whether it’s hot. You care what it looks like. You care about the battery life. You care about the radio. You don’t have to be a genius to run Apple Computer. You just have to, every year, make the product a bit lighter, a bit more elegant, a bit faster, and make it a better battery.

So for those who think the price point of mobile devices will taper down and follow the trend of the PC, think again. The truth of the matter is, when the technology goes from being a utilitarian, vocational brick that I put under my desk to being a piece of clothing, a fashion statement, an extension of your personality, a piece of jewelry, at that point, they can hold that price point forever.

Technology: The Companies That Get It

Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Apple all get it. They understand the power of mobile technology. Google and Amazon are the two hardest working companies in the business while Facebook and Apple are the two child prodigy geniuses.